Saturday, June 2, 2007

Movie round-up...

Sorry for the lack of posts. This past week was busier than I was suspecting. Work though hasn't consumed me totally though. I have seen plenty of movies in the last month or so. Here are my reviews:

Spider-Man 3- Fails to live up to the first two movies. It is sappy, corny and drags in many places. Basically it takes the worst aspects of the first two movies and expands them. First and foremost a super-hero movie should deliver action & fun. The heart and story has to fit into that rubric. That is the point after-all. SM3 it was like the action was tacked on. The story wasn't great to begin with. It is way too long.

Shrek The Third- The second of the third movie in a trilogy to come out in May. Funny. Not as laugh-out-loud funny as the first two though. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, especially with the A/C they have in the movie theaters & the matinée prices.

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End- When would this end was what I was thinking half-way through this movie. Amusing bits here and there; fun action but a lot in between that just drags on and on. The back-crossing goes from amusing to tedious & trite very quickly. Like SM3, this movie is bloated, going for way too long.

Waitress- Excellent film. Go see this one. Keri Russel (of Felicity and All New MMC fame) is fantastic as Jenna, a waitress in a horrid/abusive marriage yearning to escape and start a new life but is unsure of how to do it. Andy Griffith is a hoot. It is uplifting, funny, and poignant. The rest of the cast are great. Adrienne Shelley wrote & directed as well as costarred. This was her last film. A critics favorite as well.

Knocked Up- Great flick. Laugh out loud funny. Judd Apatow (The 40 Year-Old Virgin) writes and directs-hitting another one out of the park. He has a skill at delving into raunch while still being smart & having a heart. Seth Rogan is great as Ben, a sweet foul-mouthed stoner who needs to grow up. Katherine Heigl is fantastic with wonderful comedic timing, especially in the little moments. The rest of the cast fits in perfectly. Joanna Kerns (Growing Pains) even makes an appearance. If you liked Apatow's Undeclared or Freaks & Geeks on TV and/or The 40 Year-Old Virgin, you will love this movie. The movie is doing very well at Rotten Tomatoes with critics (including the cream of the crop) and users alike.


Ranger said...

I saw Waitress this weekend. It was really funny! I had a huge crush on Keri Russell when she was on Felicity. And her waitress friends are hilarious!

PonderingFool said...

It is a great movie. Glad you enjoyed Ranger. Hopefully more people find it. It is well worth it! The whole cast is just perfect in their roles. Too bad Golden Globe/Oscar nominations are so far away.