Friday, July 20, 2007

Ummm anyone see something wrong with this?

CNN is covering itself and well makes itself look good. What type of society are we living in when a newscaster is being covered by the newscaster's news organization about doing his/her job? When we are all engaged in framing wars what becomes of actual discussion based on facts? Do we really want news organizations actively engaging in framing even more than they have in the past?

From Matthew Nisbet regarding framing and why more scientists should tap into it:
"That's the power and influence of framing when it resonates with an individual's social identity. It plays on human nature by allowing a citizen to make up their minds in the absence of knowledge, and importantly, to articulate an opinion. It's definitely not the scientific or democratic ideal, but it's how things work in society."

A new organization should not be the one's encouraging citizens "to make up their minds in the absence of knowledge". They should be the one's you know giving them knowledge. Isn't that their job?

Movie round-up...

Sorry for not posting. I haven't really had a good excuse other than writer's bloc. I have been enjoying the summer movies though that have come out. The blockbusters I have been overall more enjoyable than those that come out in late springwhere it was last in a trilogy after last in a trilogy or so it seemed. Though some of the "smaller" movies were very enjoyable. On to the latest batch of movies:

Ocean's Thirteen - Recaptures the charm of the first movie. The details of the plot are silly but the story knows that. It is all about the banter, the winks, the nods, the fun of having all these actors on screen together. It is Clooney's love letter to Vegas. Enjoyable, escapist fun.

Sicko - A well done Michael Moore documentary on the American health care system. Not so much about those without insurance but rather those with insurance & the rationed care they receive. The movie has numbers that back up what they say. I would have loved more but I am not exactly the average movie goer. The stories are one's I am familiar with having seen first hand what managed care leads to. My mother used to be a nurse. Insurance companies are what drove her away. There are Moore gimmicks but they are a welcomed relief. You need periods to laugh while watching this movie otherwise you would leave depressed. My fiancee teared up a few times while watching. Well worth it to see and start the dialog about changing our system.

License to Wed - This film stars Mandy Moore, Robin Williams and John Krasinski (The Office). It got lampooned by critics doing a little better at the box office than people expected (not great by any stretch but not a bomb). My fiancee and I enjoyed it. The audience we say it with laughed out loud a number of times. It is an amusing film with the simple message of communicate with your partner. Nothing deeper than that really save to set up the characters in silly situations. It isn't a deep movie but rather a light hearted movie with laughs. Sometimes in life that is what you need.

On to the blockbusters:

Transformers - Growing up I loved the Transformers. I watched the cartoons and had the toys even bought the comic books. This movie is a pure summer flick. It is just plain fun. There is humor and a little suspense thrown in but all in all eventually it comes down to stuff blowing up and robots knocking one another around. Very big thumbs up from me. My fiancee was not looking forward to seeing this but she dragged me to Pirates (which she was disappointed in) so our of fairness she say this with me. To her surprise, she enjoyed it as well. Not with the same glee as I did. It is a movie for the 10 year old kid in all of us.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I don't read the books so I know this franchise only through the films. The last movie was a little too patriarchal for my taste. Order of the Phoenix though was enjoyable. The shortest of all the Harry Potter movies which was good. Things moved along and who can resist a rebellion story against teachers overexerting their authority? Not me that is for sure. The overall plot of all the series starts to actually build. The movie has the task of having to end without completing the story but does so with a sense of closure. A thumbs up from me. My fiancee is a big Harry Potter fan (she reread book 6 to prepare for the final book coming out on Sat) and she really liked it.

Overall a good bunch of movies to enjoy. Other than Sicko, nothing deep or Oscar worthy (save for special effects and the like) but honest to gosh fun. Nothing wrong with that.