Friday, July 20, 2007

Ummm anyone see something wrong with this?

CNN is covering itself and well makes itself look good. What type of society are we living in when a newscaster is being covered by the newscaster's news organization about doing his/her job? When we are all engaged in framing wars what becomes of actual discussion based on facts? Do we really want news organizations actively engaging in framing even more than they have in the past?

From Matthew Nisbet regarding framing and why more scientists should tap into it:
"That's the power and influence of framing when it resonates with an individual's social identity. It plays on human nature by allowing a citizen to make up their minds in the absence of knowledge, and importantly, to articulate an opinion. It's definitely not the scientific or democratic ideal, but it's how things work in society."

A new organization should not be the one's encouraging citizens "to make up their minds in the absence of knowledge". They should be the one's you know giving them knowledge. Isn't that their job?


Anonymous said...

it is distressing to see CNN taking Moore's reaction to their laziness so personally. and truthfully, that is what is at issue here; CNN's laziness. like a kid who's fallen asleep in class and protests he heard every word, CNN keeps digging themselves deeper into a hole where they look like, frankly, republicans who can only attack a personality because they don't have any facts any longer to back themselves up. their response to Moore's open letter was an insult to public discussion and seemed to have been written by a 20 year-old, blue-blazer wearing, corduroyed troll with a thesaurus and high on Bawlz soda. if Moore's open letter was seeking controversy where there was none as they so adamantly claim, why do they keep talking about this spat at all? the controversy only exists because they can't shut up about it.

PonderingFool said...

I wouldn't say it is laziness per se, though that can't be ruled out. It maybe the laziness is favored because it serves a purpose. The response by CNN creates a story which they can control, branding themselves as not liberal and not to the right. They are trying to play to the mythical middle. It isn't about facts in framing. It is about appealing to shortcuts we all use to make quick decisions. It is a way of getting people to agree with your point of view in an efficient manner without having to teach & engage in a discussion. All news organizations frame. Ideality is rarely achieved but it seems more and more people are giving on trying to achieve the ideals of journalism. It is worrisome.