Monday, August 20, 2007

The heat, oh the heat...

The dog days of summer seem to be lifting a bit. My energy is returning. Heat and humidity I do not do well in. I wilt. It is a little pathetic. Lab becomes salvation with its A/C and cold room. Of course, just because it is salvation doesn't mean I work anymore just means I become a blob appreciating the sanctuary. Blobs, well at least this one, do not write much. Part of that was because I did escape some of that heat and humidity for a bit. It is never enough though. Why oh why did I choose to do my post-doc here? Oh well. It is one of the downsides though of staying in academia - there isn't the same degree of freedom of choosing a place in the country or world to live. Jobs are tight, you have to be somewhat flexible in that regard. This was a deal-breaker for a classmate of mine in graduate school. She left science completely because of it. Only so much any person can sacrifice in the name of science.

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