Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blogger day (a day late)...

On the 1st was Blog Day 2007. It is a day in which bloggers direct their readers to other blogs which the author likes to read.

Here are my five:

Anterior Commissure - A talented graduate student "exploring the intersection between hormones, brain, and behavior." She also delves into communicating science. Very prolific blogger (especially relative to me). Wonderful discussion of science.

Minor Revisions - A post-doc discussing life. Always a great read. Stories I think any of us in science can relate to on some level or another.

Incoherently Scattered Ponderings - A physicist who has gone from being a post-doc to an assistant professor. Always an interesting perspective on things. Very educational for those who want to know about that initial stages of being a faculty member.

Dr. Mom - Another person who has been making the transition from being a post-doc to being a productive faculty member. Always excellent for those wanting to know about starting the tenture trek.

On Being A Scientist and a Woman - Another recently hired faculty member thus completing the triology. Wonderful reads on being a scientist, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a woman, a person starting to set up a lab.


Anonymous said...

i'm quite terrible at keeping up with other peoples' blogs, but probably keep up with yours the best.

happy to have a kindred spirit in the science-blogging world.

post-doc said...

You're so sweet. I very much enjoy reading you too!