Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Can I ask why does Bill Kristol keep going on the Daily Show? He has been on about 5 or 6 times. Jon Stewart uses him as a punching bag and he laughs along. I can see why the Daily Show keeps booking him, it is funny. Maybe Kristol enjoys being laughed at but there got to be better ways to have fun in life or maybe he is punishing himself for being the champion of the neco-con movement? I ask because it is just strange.


gerald spezio said...

pf, Today at 10 am you posted at Framing flak and emphasized a three sentence quote from The Framing Genius's list of buzzwords & bull. Your selected paragraph is a classic definition of fascist propagandizing on its face. Beautiful!
I don't blog there anymore. N wouldn't print anything from me. I always knocked both M & N for the climbing yuppie bastards that they are.
This isn't the first example of Nisbet's cryto-conservatism/fascism, and it won't be the last. I want to save your perfect example for the big upcoming melee. Stay tuned, but keep this out of sight temporarily.
Again, Grazi.

gerald spezio said...

I just went back and located another of N's openly fascist "frames."
I doubt as he knows it. Check the bastard's responses to blogs, especially the first response by N.

PonderingFool said...

Fascist is a strong term. Nisbet I would say his typical of many liberals who want the power to do good. I have seen in in many groups. It is a question of do the ends justify the means? I am more of an idealist than most and thus I am less willing to accept the idea of the ends justifying the means.

Nisbet and Mooney are arguing, primarily with regards to global warming, that some issues at the interface of science and policy are too important and need to be dealt with now to what until the masses are educated. In these cases, they argue, that scientists must frame as they describe to get people on their side without educating them on the facts. Not my cup of tea but worthy of debate.

gerald spezio said...

If the three sentences that you selected were translations of Goebbels, I would not be the least bit surprised.