Thursday, April 19, 2007

Can't it be spring already...

I just want it to be spring. I am not a native of New England. Winter dragging into spring is foreign to me. My body hates it. Migraines flare up, eyes hurt and I just feel blah. At least this weekend it will warm up and be sunny (or so they say). Hopefully my energy and productivity will go up as well. So much to write (three reviews (luckily a co-auther on each) and two research articles) to close out my thesis work. As for my Post-Doc work planning for the major one which takes me from the biochemistry realm to the land of playing with cells which will be fun but risky. The two side projects are biochemistry but should get me on a couple of papers. Hedging your bets in science is a good way to do things. Out of my grad school work I will have 6 research articles, all based on side projects that together eventually became my thesis after the trials and tribulations for two and a half years on what had been my main project (developing an in vivo system was more challenging than expected and by the time we got it going the company whose technology we were going to use for free was burning way too much money to engage in anything academic, such is life).

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