Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A round-up...

Waiting on cells, what fun let me tell you.

Here are some great reads to check out:

Tara at Aetiology has:
A discussion on the fact there is not a link between having an abortion and getting breast cancer and breast milk sharing

On Panda's Thumb Nick Matzke continues his critique his critique of the flagellum evolution paper that came out in PNAS. It is like an online journal club.

Over on Uncertain Principles, Chad wonders When Honor Codes Go Bad.

ScienceWoman has exciting & well earned/deserved news.

FemaleScienceProfessor debates Dr.DeMentor on whether to be an administrator or not.

Incoherent Pondering discusses the fact we in the science are kinda like monks.

Ranger of the West brings up the fact our government farming policies are actually encouraging us to eat poorly.

Kate at Anterior Commissure talks about her experiences teaching and what she has learned from her evaluations.

PhilipJ over at Biocurious asks, are there too many scientists?

Jooyla at N@ked Under My Lab Coat ponders the hierarchy of toilets and how it applies to our sexist society.

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