Monday, April 30, 2007

More joys...

SnobU when it comes to Post-Docs, whether associates or fellows, does a poor job of integrating them. No orientations to welcome you, no sexual harassment training (how they legally survive this I have no idea), no information as I noted before. You are pretty much on your own. I knew enough to know that I should fill out a Federal W4, so I hunted down the form and filled it out, handing it to the human resources at SnobU. I did forget about the state W4 form (it has been awhile since I had a real job and there they gave me all the forms to fill out, had an orientation, etc) so my first full paycheck is a little bit smaller than I was expecting. I will get that money in a year but I rather have it now. There are credit cards to pay (including an engagement ring) and future debts I rather avoid thus the money does more good in my account today rather in a year.

Why didn't payroll at SnobU remind me when I handed in the Federal form? Come now, that would be giving information and making the life of a post-doc easier. That is not what SnobU is about. Unless they can bring in more money they really don't care. Everything is your responsibility. Talking with others, SnobU does seem particularly unique in this regard. Other places, there are orientations, they provide information which you then can use & is your responsibility to use. SnobU the responsibility extends to obtaining the knowledge. When joining a lab as a post-doc add what sort of institutional support is given to post-docs. Life is too short for spending time on such little things that are usually taken care of if you are in another position or at another university.

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