Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Posts to read...

The latest What's Up, Postdoc? is up on The Ways and Means of the Immune System. Check it out. Always a good read and Vero has done a great job!

Twice has the August edition of Scientiae. Wonderful posts are linked to so go read it!

A follow-up on the job prospects of those in the biological/biomedical sciences, here are some more posts on the matter:
The Daily Transcript
Sandwalk I Sandwalk II

Larry Moran at Sandwalk talks about how things should be and how is as an advisor as does Gregory on Genomicron. The problem is many faculty I have encountered are not like that. There are many talented graduate students and post-docs who do not have good mentors. Advisors who try and keep their trainees eyes only on becoming research faculty. That is not healthy. More must be done at the university level. The only problem is that their is no incentive for the institutions to actually do anything. Why rock the boat when you have plenty of overhead dollars flowing in? Especially when rocking the boat means spending some of that money?

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