Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To do...

In the next month and a half:

Need to write-up the last two papers from my thesis.

Figure out what adding Protein X to Protein Y as the latter modifies RNA Z does to the reaction.

With another post-doc write-up the results showing Protein X forms a complex with Protein Y especially when RNA Z is present based on those results whatever they are.

Finish biochemical characterization of an enzyme for our collaborators who solved the crystal structure of said protein and need my results to publish in a higher journal.

Turn 30.

Start new project studying if a certain metabolic enzyme from E. coli can be used as an antibiotic against a different group of bacteria.

With another postdoc, see if we can in an archaeal species replace an archaeal signature gene with a totally different bacterial gene whose gene product accomplishes the same task as the archaeal one and see if the replacement stresses the organism under various growth conditions.

Prepare a group meeting.

Start writing a review on thesis topic.

Today, doing the boring laying the ground work (i.e. purifying substrates) to do the experiments I want to get done while giving me the time to do the writing that needs to be done as well. What fun!

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