Thursday, March 15, 2007

Evidentily I made a carnival & request...

I guess I made the Second Carnival of Scientiae. To the submitter of my post, thank you who ever you are. My blog tends to be my rants of the world around me and the elegance is not there yet, maybe someday. If you haven't checked out the links from Scientiae please do so, lots of great reads and things to ponder, not to mention to do something about.

The request-
Since I have a spike in traffic, I have a question of those who visit. How do you find new scientific papers to read? I have been using pubcrawler which searches pubmed (being a biochemist this does find most of the articles I am interested in) and sends the info of the latest papers from certain labs, on certain subjects, etc. everyday in the form of an e-mail. Does anyone know of a better service? Better method? Love to hear.

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Anonymous said...

I read yer blog.

I search google

I stumbleupon.

I stalk, because I care.

All roads lead to a dead end.