Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Been busy writing a review and a couple of papers so here is a round-up of the brilliance of others.

P. Myers hosted an internet chat with Dr. Lynn Margulis. She raises important points as to our cultural biases potentially having an impact on how we view science (a very important reason why diversity is needed in the sciences, to get various viewpoints to help all of us overcome our individual biases). I do disagree with how far she takes it but it is something to keep in mind, especially those of us practicing science. On other things, it becomes clear just because you are brilliant doesn't mean you can't entertain wacky ideas (such as denying that there is strong evidence pointing to HIV causing AIDS). transcript and message from Dr. Marguilis.

Tara at Aetiology talks about Dr. Marguilis's comments. HIV denialists come right out of the woodwork, falling into the same mental traps as evolution-deniers.

Chad at Uncertain Principles is having way too much fun with brackets. one two three four five six seven eight March Madness anyone!?!? Reminds me I still need to do my bracket!

Female Science Professor discusses whether being honest about science discourages students from pursing graduate school/academic careers. IMHO, honesty is good but if you think someone can do it, also let them know that. All negative without positive reinforcement probably does discourage more than it should. Sugar-coating just sets people up for disappointment and bitterness which can be corrosive and depressing. The comments as always are great to read as the discussion moves into how poorly organized so many professors are, which does help to explain the long hours on the job by scientists.

The Science Professor brings up that there are different reasons why some labs become all male (demographic driven chance vs. negative environment for women) and the importance to deep digger into why that is before joining a lab.

Dr. Mom talks about who you teach to in a class and how. Issues like this are usually not discussed enough by science professors. Us scientists have much to learn about educating.

Science Woman is naming names and taking a stand against not giving pregnant women a fair chance to get a job. Unbelievable this person at the university did not accomadate. Wouldn't he want to cover his rear legally speaking at the very least?

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