Sunday, March 18, 2007

A positive...

A lot of what I write and link to is the negative in the world, thought I would point out a positive. Though the Christian Seniors organization might have a problem with Rep. Pete Stark being an atheist, they do not speak for everyone. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that most of the responses Rep. Stark has received have been positive and the few negative haven't been hate-filled rants but reasoned responses. In his own words, "In this instance, the people who have disagreed with me have been polite and reasonable. All in all, this has been a pleasurable experience.''

Rep. Stark being from the SF Bay Area probably is a major reason why he can state his non-beliefs without jeopardizing his career but good to know he isn't be sent hate messages from the rest of the world. A positive sign in this polarized religious world we live in.

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