Saturday, March 3, 2007

Teaching Rant Part II (Repost)...

So I am looking towards the future after graduate school. I would eventually like to get to get a faculty position at a small liberal arts college (SLAC). There are post-docs at such places where you get the chance to gain teaching experience & learn how undergrad directed research is done. What is the advice I am getting for doing a post-doc from those at SLACs? Do a traditional one and find teaching opportunities where I can in that framework (i.e. work tons of hours and throw teaching on top of that, I mean really who needs a life?). The research position will get me in the door more than teaching even though such a faculty position requires significantly more teaching than what is required of a faculty member at a research university. Doesn't seem to be the best system where no matter what career path you go with, doing a traditional post-doc is the door we all must go through. I like doing research but haven't really been given the chance to develop my teaching skills. Begs the questions, is grad school really teaching us what we need to know if everyone has to do more training afterwards? And is the training aspect of post-docs more BS than anything else? I am afraid to say yes. It is a system feeding off cheap labor who are passionate about science.

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